Exciting Lease Options for the 2020 Acura MDX

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Acura MDX in showroom

Exciting Lease Options for the 2020 Acura MDX

Your New SUV, Your Choice

Looking to lease a luxury SUV? Available with multiple package options and trims, the 2020 Acura MDX may just be the luxury SUV you’ve been waiting for. The third-row seating, sport hybrid motor, all-wheel drive, and second-row theater system make it a hard deal to pass up. Starting at $44,500 MSRP*, this vehicle delivers exciting and adventure for a competitive price. For some potential buyers, however, an Acura MDX lease may be a better option.

At Spitzer Acura McMurray, shoppers can explore both leasing and financing options for any available vehicle. An Acura MDX lease offers multiple advantages for potential buyers, including lower monthly costs and the option to trade in your lease at the end of the period for a newer model.

Contact the Spitzer Acura car dealership in McMurray near Pittsburgh for information on exclusive Acura MDX leasing options.

Enjoy Something New

Buyers who enjoy the experience of sitting in a new car every two or three years will find a lease provides a superior experience. With an Acura MDX lease, you can drive your 2020 MDX today, then upgrade to the latest model at the lease-end period. Simply turn in your Acura once the leasing period ends, then choose your next vehicle to lease, whether it be an MDX or other luxury Acura vehicle. The trade-in process is simple, and Spitzer Acura provides cost-saving advantages for loyalty leasing customers.

An Acura MDX lease can help you enjoy every new feature that Acura has to offer. Once your lease period ends, simply upgrade to the latest model to more easily enjoy the most forward-thinking technology and features delivered directly by Acura.

Put Depreciation to Work

Most cars will depreciate in value the longer you drive them. That depreciation makes the value of reselling your vehicle more complex. Once you’re ready to upgrade your Acura to a newer model, selling your older Acura vehicle may prove difficult. You may find you get a lower resale value than you’d initially hoped for.

That depreciation can work in your favor when you step into an Acura MDX lease. As your car’s value depreciates over time, the cost of your lease will also go down. For financed vehicles, this is not the case; your total monthly payments stay the same until the car is fully paid off.

Buyers who have fewer resources at the time of purchase may also find that a lease makes better financial sense. Leasing an Acura requires a smaller up-front payment than a vehicle purchase.

Lease Tax Advantages

Thinking of buying an Acura MDX for business purposes? Consider a lease option instead. An Acura MDX lease may prove a better option thanks to the potential for larger deductions for business expenses. Before purchasing or leasing a vehicle, talk to a tax accountant to determine which option offers the more advantageous tax benefits for your business.

Don’t Wait for Cost-Effective Luxury

Among the many luxury brands on the market, Acura offers competitive leasing options that make it easy for drivers to enjoy top-level driving experiences. Contact the finance center at Spitzer Acura McMurray to learn more about your Acura MDX lease options or other vehicle finance needs.

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*Prices shown do not include taxes, license, or a destination & handling charge. Actual vehicles/accessory costs, labor and installation vary. Please consult your selected dealer.

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