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Get a Competitive Acura Car Lease Today

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Whether you want a sporty 2020 RLX, a powerful 2020 MDX, or a luxurious 2020 TLX, our Acura lease incentives will help you get the brand-new Acura you want at a payment that makes you truly happy.

If mileage limits have you worried, be sure to talk with one of our finance experts about our multiple mileage allowance options. We can design a luxury Acura lease to meet your needs. Momentum Miles is one program that offers you the option of adding your unused miles from your last Acura lease to your new one, up to 15,000 miles. Mileage Forgiveness through Acura Financial Services may allow us to waive half of the excess mileage on your current Acura up to 7,500 miles when you lease a new Acura.

With a new-vehicle lease, you’ll get lower monthly payments, flexible contract terms and smaller up-front costs. We also offer Acura’s outstanding One-Pay Lease deal, where you get all of the protection and flexibility of an Acura Luxury Lease inside a single financial transaction. You’ll be able to take advantage of lower costs as well as income tax and sales tax benefits.

Be sure to ask if you qualify for the Acura Financial Services Loyalty Customer incentive.

Spitzer Acura Offers Outstanding Finance Options

When it comes to leasing a vehicle, many people are confused by the dealer jargon that goes along with the process. That’s why our finance experts focus on walking you through the process to help you fully understand the process.

Use our quick online pre-approval process to pre-qualify before you come out to see us. Our customers come from Pittsburgh, McMurray and Bethel Park just to work with our dedicated finance team to secure the best possible deal.

2020 Acura lease in McMurray near Pittsburgh PA

Leasing a Certified Pre-Owned Acura

Enjoy driving a luxury Acura without having to pay the new-car cost by choosing an Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle (ACPV) lease through Acura Financial Services. Every ACPV goes through a rigorous 182-point inspection after being reconditioned to factory standards. You’ll get Acura’s ACPV Limited Warranty, as well.

With an ACPV lease, you’ll still get the perks associated with the Acura Luxury Lease, including Excess Wear and Use or Damage Waiver or automatic GAP coverage.

You can even combine this with an Acura Care Vehicle Service Contract and make just one simple monthly payment that covers everything.

Advantages of Leasing Your Acura

If you love to drive a brand-new car every two to three years, an Acura lease could be a great fit. You can drive your new Acura and enjoy the newest cutting-edge technology while making a smaller up-front cash payment than you would when purchasing the same car. Because your monthly payments are based on your Acura’s estimated depreciation during your lease term, as opposed to its entire value, it may cost you less to lease as opposed to purchasing, as well.

For those who drive for business purposes, the cost of an Acura lease may be tax-deductible. You may even be able to make a larger deduction when leasing than you could if you purchased the vehicle. Be sure to speak with your accountant about how best to handle work-related vehicle deductions.

Resale value could pose problems for people who choose to purchase their vehicle if they decide to sell it within a few years. It’s difficult to predict exactly how a certain vehicle will depreciate over time. With an Acura lease, you don’t have to worry about depreciation, since the terms are set while the car is new. At the end of your term, you get the deal you agreed to at the start of the lease.

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At Spitzer Acura McMurray, we are finance experts. Choosing a new Acura is the fun part, and we’ll handle the rest. Our finance professionals are standing by and can’t wait to show you our extensive inventory of Acura vehicles. Come out for a test drive and let us help you secure the payment plan you want to go with the Acura of your dreams. Our dealership is located in McMurray near Pittsburgh and Bethel Park.

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