Frequently Asked Lease Questions

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Lease an Acura at Spitzer Acura dealership in McMurray PA.

Frequently Asked Lease Questions

Spitzer Acura Has Great Lease Options

At Spitzer Acura, there are many great options when it comes to buying or leasing a new vehicle. Test-drive a vehicle at Spitzer Acura today and visit with our loan specialists to discuss your financing options today.

Common Acura Lease Questions

Leasing vehicles has become more and more popular lately as dealerships are offering more options than ever before. With this is becoming more commonplace, many people still have a lot of questions about the process.

What is a lease?

A car lease is one of the most popular ways of acquiring a vehicle. This process is like a rental, where you have the vehicle for a specific amount of time before returning it to the dealership under the selected guidelines. This agreement will have monthly payments as well as a specific guideline on when the vehicle gets returned and the expected vehicle condition.

How is a lease different from a loan?

A lease shares some similarities with a car loan, except usually after full payment on a car loan, you can keep the car. Some lease agreements offer the option of purchasing the vehicle after the contract is up. There are other differences such as monthly and down payment amounts. Leasing a vehicle is usually much more affordable than purchasing.

How do you lease a vehicle?

Simply visit the Spitzer Acura dealership and visit with our finance center to get started.

Leasing Your Next Vehicle Made Easy

When it comes to leasing your next vehicle, there are many things to consider. Obviously, finding the right vehicle can be tricky, but Spitzer Acura can help every step of the way. If you are unsure of how the process works, stop by the Spitzer Acura dealership in McMurray to get started.

Helpful Online Tools to Get You Started

Spitzer Acura offers various helpful online tools to get your purchase process started. Through the Spitzer Acura website, you can apply for financing, use a payment calculator and get help valuing your trade-in. Using Spitzer Acura’s application process can help you pre-qualify to make the process even easier. If you are still unsure of what to do, visit with the experts at Spitzer Acura to guide the way to your next vehicle decision.

Spitzer Acura Goes the Extra Mile

At Spitzer Acura, our staff is well-trained and prepared to meet all your vehicle needs. The auto finance team will help you make an educated decision when it comes to acquiring your next vehicle. Visit the Spitzer Acura dealership in McMurray to see what you qualify for.

Welcome to Spitzer Acura

Are you in the market for a car lease in McMurray, PA? Here at Spitzer Acura, we have new Acura’s and Certified Pre-Owned Acura’s to lease. Speak with our finance center specialists to discuss your options for leasing a new or CPO vehicle. Visit the Spitzer Acura dealership in McMurray near Pittsburgh and Bethel Park to test-drive a new Acura today.

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