Take A Closer Look At How Acura Is Changing The Way Your Car Handles

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What is Acura Precision All-Wheel Steer?

All Acura vehicles are designed with a degree of precision rarely seen in the consumer marketplace. The automaker goes through a long research and development process to make sure that its vehicles have the necessary components to make them perform with precision and efficiency. So, what is Acura Precision All-Wheel Steer (P-AWS®) and how does it work? Potential customers may be wondering if P-AWS® is the same as Acura all-wheel-drive. It’s understandable that people new to the Acura brand will need an introduction to this innovative technology. Anyone needing more explanation or would like to see a demonstration can schedule an appointment with a Spitzer Acura sales professional today.

How does P-AWS® work?

Understanding the basics of how a driver controls a vehicle by turning the steering wheel is pretty easy. However, a system like Precision All-Wheel Steer takes that to the next level. Without getting too deep into the weeds of confusing automotive jargon, the Acura P-AWS® system automatically adjusts the angle of the rear wheels to help increase maneuverability. The advantages of driving an Acura sedan with Precision All-Wheel Steer will become very evident when the need arises to steer around obstacles in tight areas and during lane changes at highway speeds.

Additionally, Acura models with P-AWS® will have improved braking performance. In the event a driver is traveling at high speeds, like on the highway, and they need to hit the brakes hard to perform an emergency stop, the system jumps into action. The rear wheels will angle themselves inward to help the driver maintain control and to bring the vehicle to a stop faster.

Innovation in service of exhilaration.

With its ability to provide torque independently to each rear wheel, Super Handling All-Wheel Drive provides a smoother and more powerful ride through turns and corners.

Is Precision All-Wheel Steer the same as all-wheel-drive?

There Acura P-AWS® system and the automaker’s all-wheel-drive capability are two very separate entities. Where the all-wheel-steering capability actually changes the orientation of the wheels, Acura All-Wheel Drive actually changes how much power is sent to the wheels. When the wheels start to slip or lose traction, an Acura sedan or SUV with all-wheel-drive will reduce the torque delivered to the slipping wheels for a nearly 50/50 balance to help the driver maintain control.

You can schedule a test drive with a Spitzer Acura sales professional today if you’d like to see how these systems will change the way you drive.

A left quarter view of the 2018 Acura RLX in front of a city skyline.

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