FAQs About Oil Change Service

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Oil Change Service at Spitzer Acura in McMurray

FAQs About Oil Change Service

Convenient Oil Change Service at Spitzer Acura Service Center

Proper and timely maintenance of your vehicle is essential to keeping your Acura running smoothly. A regular oil change will ensure the dependability and performance of your Acura.

An oil change service can be done quickly and conveniently at Spitzer Acura Service Center in McMurray, PA. Contact our service department for an appointment ahead of time to improve your experience.

Your Engine is Dependent on Oil

Nothing is more important to the health of your engine than oil. Oil brings important lubrication to the moving parts of your engine and protects those parts so that they keep working overtime. It also draws the heat from your engine to avoid overheating. Observing factory recommended service intervals for oil and other fluid changes will maintain the performance of your Acura.

When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change service, the service technician will replace both the oil and filter in your vehicle. The filter removes dirt and other impurities from the oil before it goes into the engine. Replacing the filter when needed is as important as having your oil changed.

The process is relatively straightforward, the oil will be drained, filter replaced, and then the engine will be refilled with oil.

Fluids Can Deteriorate Over Time

Timely maintenance services, like an oil change, will prevent mechanical damage and more costly auto repair. Oil plays an important role in protecting your engine from corrosion, rust, and harmful deposits. Waiting too long to have an oil change service done can lead to premature wear, engine overheating, and potentially an engine failure.

Your vehicle owner’s manual will advise you on how often you need to have your oil changed. As a general rule, it’s about every 5,000 miles, but there are driving conditions that can accelerate the need for an oil change. You can also call your Acura dealer for more guidance.

Use Motor Oil Recommended for Your Acura

Not all motor oil is the same so it’s important to use the motor oil designed to work best with your engine. Your owner’s manual will tell you if you need conventional oil, full synthetic oil, high mileage oil, synthetic blend, or another formula.

Acura Genuine Motor Oil is a lower-viscosity formula made specifically to be used in Acura engines. Acura oil is of the best quality and precisely blended for your Acura engine to maintain the performance of your motor. Having your oil change service done at an Acura service center will ensure that you get the oil specified for your vehicle.

Easily Schedule Your Oil Change Service at Spitzer Acura Service Center

You can easily schedule your Acura oil change service with us either online or via phone. Having an appointment is recommended for the quickest service.

If an oil change is your only service this can usually be done in about 15-30 minutes. Of course, we’re always available to inspect the rest of your vehicle to see if anything else needs attention. Contact Spitzer Acura Service Center to schedule an appointment for any maintenance and repair services.

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