Lease Vs. Buying A Car

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Spitzer Acura, conveniently located in McMurray, PA, is your home for simple and efficient auto financing. Our finance center is staffed with the finest professionals in the area, and they’re well-prepared to get you a car loan or car lease deal that works for you. Before you walk into our Acura dealer, if you’re unsure of which option is best for your budget, we’ll be able to help you make an educated decision.

We’re stocked with an impressive inventory of classy and luxurious Acura models. Beyond just our new vehicles, we also have a massive selection of used cars & SUVs for sale as well as our Certified Pre-Owned Acura inventory. Don’t let the stress of financing push you away from getting a car loan or a car lease for a new vehicle. Visit the specialists at our finance center to get started today.

Car Loan For The Long Run
If you’re interested in being in the same vehicle for the long run, you’ll most likely prefer a new car loan. When you get a car loan, you can count on long-term stability. You don’t have to worry about mileage limits or wear and tear like you would with a car lease, and although the monthly payments are typically higher, you’ll completely own the vehicle upon the completion of the payments for your loan amount.

Also unlike with a car lease, you have full access to all of our vehicles. If you’re interested in a used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, you can take out a car loan with favorable loan terms. No matter which vehicle you choose, the experts in our finance center will work with you to get the best possible interest rate and annual percentage rates for your credit score.

If you’re leaning toward the latter in the lease vs. buying a car question, our professionals are ready to take care of you. Visit our Acura dealer to see all of your car loan options today.

Short-Term Car Lease
A car lease is more of a short-term engagement, with lease terms typically lasting fewer years than auto loan terms. Monthly payments are usually lower as well because you’re basically paying for the projected depreciation of the vehicle instead of its full price. When your lease is complete, you can return the vehicle, get a new car lease, extend the lease or buy out the remainder of the lease.

When you get a car lease for a new vehicle, although you have to worry about wear and tear, you’ll typically find incredible warranty coverage throughout the life of the lease. If you’re looking to just get a vehicle for your daily commute with a few excursions here and there, a car lease might be the best option for you.

For a full break down of the pros and cons when it comes to getting a car lease vs. buying a car, visit the finance center at our Acura dealer today.

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For drivers in the McMurray, PA area, we’re ready to offer superior auto financing. We offer several online tools, and our inventory is unmatched. Find the perfect vehicle at our Acura dealer and then seal the deal with our finance center. Schedule a test drive for a new, used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle at Spitzer Acura near Bethel Park and Pittsburg today.

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