Car Loan or Car Lease? Acura Finance Center Has the Details

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Customer signing paperwork for their new Acura lease

Car Loan or Car Lease? Acura Finance Center Has the Details

Should You Choose a Car Loan or a Car Lease?

At Spitzer Acura, we value your business. That’s why we are proud to host an extensive collection of new and used vehicles with premium upgrades, safety features, and high-performing engines. In addition, the team at our Acura dealer in McMurray, PA, is committed to customer satisfaction. That’s why we also provide our valued customers with options.

When deciding between a car loan or a car lease, allow our team to showcase the differences. Both options are beneficial and offer cost-saving specials and incentives that save you money in the long run. Contact our Acura finance center to learn more about whether you should choose a car loan or a car lease.

The Benefits of an Acura Car Lease

Although a car loan is often the traditional route when selecting new Acura SUVs and sedans from our Acura dealership in McMurray, PA, many car shoppers are now looking into the benefits of an Acura car lease. This option gives car shoppers the opportunity to lease a new Acura SUV or sporty sedan for a determined period of time without assuming ownership.

Our Acura finance team is happy to showcase the benefits of a car lease that include lower monthly payments and lower upfront costs compared to an auto loan. A car lease allows you to rent new Acura models and choose premium trims that you may not be able to afford through an auto loan. Once your car lease term has ended, you simply return the vehicle.

When choosing a car lease at our Acura dealer in McMurray, PA, you don’t own the vehicle outright. As a result, you cannot customize the interior or the exterior. You do, though, get to drive the vehicle and utilize the manufacturer warranty. A car lease may also have mileage stipulations or limitations. It’s important to abide by the mileage limit set forth in the car lease to avoid additional fees once the car lease term has ended.

The Benefits of an Acura Finance Auto Loan

The more traditional route when buying a car involves opting for an Acura auto loan. This option allows buyers to buy a vehicle outright with special incentives and financing interest rates available from Acura finance. The team at our Acura finance center seeks out the best rates with low monthly payments.

The primary difference between a car lease and an auto loan is that after you’ve satisfied all monthly payments of the auto loan, you own the vehicle outright. This option also gives you the freedom to customize or accessorize your new Acura SUV or sedan. Buyers who choose an auto loan also build equity within the vehicle while making monthly payments.

An auto loan through our Acura finance center is also easy when you want to start the process virtually. Our online platform gives buyers the opportunity to fill out a no-obligation credit application and access resources such as a payment calculator. Once the Acura finance team has pulled your credit report and accessed your credit score, they will be in touch to discuss the loan terms.

It’s easier than ever to purchase the Acura vehicle you’ve always wanted when using the online finance tools available from our Acura dealership in McMurray, PA.

Making the Choice: Auto Loan vs Car Lease?

Once you’ve selected the Acura you can’t live without and you’ve enjoyed a test drive, it’s time to make the choice between an auto loan or a car lease. The team at Spitzer Acura is here to assist you every step of the way. Trust the team at our Acura finance center to seek out the best car lease terms and auto loan interest rates so that you drive off the lot feeling good about your purchase or lease deal.

Contact us today to further discuss the differences between a car lease or an auto loan through Acura finance.

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