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When you’ve leased an Acura from Spitzer Acura or another Acura dealership, you will eventually have to decide what to do when it’s time to return your lease. Just like when you leased your new Acura, you have options when you get to decide to return my lease.

Knowing your options for your Acura lease return will help you make a choice that benefits you. With the Acura Lease Return Center, you can drop off your Acura vehicle at the end of the program, or you can choose to buy the vehicle to own it. When you are ready to decide, we can help you manage the process to keep it seamless and easy.

Benefits of Leasing an Acura

If you enjoy driving a new Acura every two or three years, leasing an Acura is a good choice. When you lease, you pay for the car during the time you are driving it. The monthly lease payments are based on the value of the car at the end of the lease; this amount is called the residual.

Most leases are for 24 or 36 months with preset mileage limits, usually around 12,000 annual miles. With limits in years and mileage, your Acura lease contract will also include the full 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty. When you lease, you have lower monthly payments compared to traditional financing.

If you previously used the Honda or Acura Lease, you get to benefit from leasing again. If you choose to lease a new Acura within 30 days of your current lease, you get several benefits. If you use the Lease Return Center and lease a new premium Acura, you get to use the “momentum miles” feature where you can rollover unused miles from your old lease into your new lease.

By leasing again, you might be eligible to earn an excessive wear and damage waiver up to $1,500. Our newest Acura leases have terms between 24 and 60 months. You can also choose a mileage plan that meets your needs.

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Steps to Take Before Retiring Your Lease

Before the end of your lease, you get to make a choice. If you decide to turn in your Acura, we ask that you let us know, so we can schedule an inspection. We can schedule it or you can call 1-800-340-4080. When scheduling the inspection, our lease-return experts will ask for your vehicle’s VIN number and your Acura Financial Services® account number.

A few days before the end of your lease, we at Spitzer Acura McMurray would like to meet with you to talk about the return process, your inspection report, records, and receipts. To complete this process at your convenience, you can schedule an appointment to meet with us.

Once you return your Acura and we have processed it, the Lease Maturity Center will send end-of-term liabilities if you’ve exceeded your mileage limits or had excessive wear and tear.

Along with helping you through the Lease Return Process, our sales staff and financing experts can talk to you about your other options, to buy or lease a new Acura or to purchase the residual on your leased Acura.

What to Expect from the LRP

The Lease Return Process is designed to be quick and easy. If you plan to return the vehicle, we recommend using this option to seamlessly bring your Acura back to us and get into your new vehicle. The Lease Return Process includes two appointments, one for an inspection, a second to meet with our Acura Lease Return experts to talk about the inspection and your options.

We hope you decide to lease or purchase another Acura, and our professional staff can help you decide what works best for your budget and needs. If you decide to buy the car you’ve been leasing, our staff can help you with financing the previously leased vehicle.

Contact Us With Questions

If you have any questions about the Acura Lease Return Center and process, the staff at Spitzer Acura of McMurray is happy to help. Our financing department is ready to help you return your vehicle, purchase your leased car, or buy or lease a new Acura.

We invite you to visit us to see the newest lineup of Acura vehicles and take them for a test drive.

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