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Discover the Convenience of the Acura Lease Return Center

Acura Lease Return Center

Lease Return Center Simplifies the Process

Returning a leased car has never been so simple. With Acura’s Lease Return Center, you can easily drop off your vehicle once you’ve decided to return your car lease; McMurray – Pittsburgh return center offers you customer service with a smile and make the process seamless to avoid any delay in your plans.

Here’s what you need to know about returning a leased car. A few months before your Acura lease is up, contact the Acura Lease Maturity Center to ensure that you are informed about the process. While we hate to see you go as a customer and lose your Acura loyalty benefits, we also want you to know that our Lease Return Center is here to help.

The next step involves scheduling a vehicle inspection for your Acura lease. You can contact inspectors at 1-800-340-4080 to schedule an appointment. The process of returning a leased car will be even easier if you have your VIN available and your Acura Financial Services® account number on hand.

Then, one week prior to turning in your vehicle at an Acura Lease Return Center, make an appointment with our Acura dealer. The staff at Spitzer Acura McMurray will help you through the process of returning the vehicle, the inspection report, the Owner’s Manual, maintenance records and receipts for repairs.

Once you’ve returned a leased car, alert the Lease Maturity Center that you returned your vehicle to a Lease Return Center, such as Spitzer Acura McMurray and settle any end-of-term liabilities. It’s that easy!

The Benefits of an Acura Lease

As a valued customer, you know that Acura models are luxurious, spacious and stylish. Each performance-driven sedan and SUV from Spitzer Acura McMurray brings innovation to the forefront. However, if you’re not sure if buying a car is the right choice for you, consider opting out of car financing and choosing a luxury lease.

Especially if you are already an Acura lease customer ready to return the vehicle to our Lease Return Center, you can reap the benefits when choosing to lease again. Acura or Honda lease customers reap the benefits of returning a leased car when they sign up for an Acura lease within 30 days before or after the contract ends.

All Acura lease customers who utilize the Lease Return Center and then choose another premium Acura model can take advantage of momentum miles, which means you can rollover unused Acura lease miles to your next lease. In addition, you may also be eligible for a damage or excessive wear waiver up to $1,500 after visiting our Lease Return Center with your previous vehicle in Pittsburgh, PA.

One of the most attractive aspects of utilizing the Lease Return Center and opting for a new Acura Lease is that you can choose flexible terms that range from lease durations of 24 to 60 months. Simply choose the mileage plan you desire and lock in a guaranteed purchase price when signing for an Acura lease. Even at the end of the term you’ll find flexibility and premium service when stopping in at our Lease Return Center.

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Explore Acura Lease Options and Vehicle Availability

Owning or leasing an Acura is simple when you have so many choices. From our luxury sedans to spacious SUVs, know that the staff at Spitzer Acura McMurray will help you navigate your options.

Power and performance is standard when choosing an Acura sedan. Take, for example, the 2020 Acura ILX. This compact sport sedan comes standard with a 2.4L Aluminum-Alloy 4-Cylinder Engine and 201 horsepower when you feel the need for speed. The 2020 Acura TLX is our performance luxury sedan that offers seating for five, a V6 engine for an added boost and a sporty, bold exterior design.

Gain even more luxury when choosing an Acura lease for the 2020 Acura RLX, the premium luxury sedan that is available in a sport hybrid with all-wheel drive. When you’re ready to upgrade for more space and technological capabilities, then consider the 2020 Acura RDX luxury crossover SUV with seating for five or the 2020 Acura MDX with a third row.

The top of the line Acura NSX is the sports car you’ve dreamed of with next generation supercar accents, two bucket seats and instant acceleration. If you’ve just returned from our Lease Return Center and are interested in a new Acura lease, stop in at Spitzer Acura McMurray to test drive the Acura you’ve always wanted.

Your Preferred Lease Return Center, Acura Dealer

At Spitzer Acura McMurray we are proud to showcase the latest innovations released from Acura’s production center and assist with all of your Acura lease needs. We make returning a leased car a simple process while also helping you to choose your next Acura, finding the best interest rate and assisting you with navigating auto leasing. Stop in today to meet the team at our Acura dealership.

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